Update and Refresher on Executive Order 14026 – Minimum Wage

Earlier this year, we covered the new Executive Order (E.O.) 14026 – Minimum Wage. However, some important updates are coming and it is extremely important contractors understand the impact of these updates. In addition to the updates, if you missed out on the course earlier in the year, we will be providing a quick refresher to get everyone on the same page!

Virtual Class: Executive Order 14026 – Minimum Wage – Update & Refresher November 15th | 10am – 12pm (CST)




The new Minimum Wage effects so many levels of any Government Contractor’s organization from Pricing to HR to Recruiting to Business Development and more! The Executive Order 14026 – Minimum Wage impacts multiple departments and positions across the company. Take a look at the list below to see if you or your colleagues would benefit from this training:


When must a Federal Contractor begin paying covered employees the increased minimum wage of $16.20/hour

You will learn whether the company can wait until the next option year of the contract to begin paying the increased minimum wage rate, or in the alternative, is required instead to do so by operation of law on the stated effective date of the increased rate. Knowing the “when” will ensure employees are timely paid the new minimum wage rate, thereby reducing your chances of having back wage findings, recordkeeping violations, and fees & penalties!

Which Contractor costs associated with the increased minimum wage rate are recoverable

You will learn the allowable and unallowable costs for which a Federal Contractor may submit a Price Adjustment request.

When and how to submit your company’s Price Adjustment request for the increased cost incurred for paying the updated minimum wage rate

When is the earliest, and the latest, for submitting a Price Adjustment request? What information is required for submission to Contracting for consideration and approval? You will learn the timing, elements and steps for completing a price adjustment request.

Perform ACTUAL Price Adjustment Exercises

you will be given hands-on materials and real-life example to put to practice immediately what you have learned

And much, much more!



sudie galindo

COO at Dependable Health Services Inc.
“I have dealt with a lot of employees that want their H&W funds paid out, and have done so in the past. Working with Onsi made me realize they’re the best way to go.”

sarah farmar

Chief Financial Officer at Lifehealth Inc.
“Onsi training is a must! Not only does it answer many questions but all gives examples to follow and being in class with others in the same situation is very helpful.”

tomisa c.

Benefits Administrator Complete Mobile Dentistry
“The Onsi Team is thorough and knowledgeable and get things done right. We couldn’t do our jobs without their expertise!”

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