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Timing is Everything: Incorporating Wage Determinations into Your Contract

How do I know which Wage Determination should be incorporated and made part of my contract? A phrase that usually …

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Overtime Pay: How to Calculate & Apply Your Employee’s “Regular Rate”

Any HR professional is familiar with the “time and a half after 40” overtime rule, which refers to the Fair …

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Employee Rights in the Golden State: Onsi Updates You on California’s “Regular Rate of Pay” Rules in 2021

A recent decision by the California Supreme Court has shed light on the issue of determining an employee’s regular rate …

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Can Debarment and Suspension Be Used for Punishment? A Guide for Federal Contractors.

For Government Contractors, federal wage and hour laws like the Service Contract Act (SCA) and the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards ACT (CWHSSA), are …

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Using Existing PTO Policies to Comply with the Requirements of E.O. 13706 – Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors

Can my company’s PTO policy be used to meet the Paid Sick Leave requirement?    In short, YES! But before …

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Why should I comply with the SCA?

Backpay, Civil Money Penalties, and DEBARMENT!? OH MY!!   As an employer, there are multiple reasons for following Department of Labor Regulations. The potential for …

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