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Are Salaried Employees Entitled To Overtime Compensation?

“That employee is paid on a salary, he doesn’t get overtime” Every time I heard that phrase as a Wage …

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Incorporating Wage Determinations into a 10 Year Contract

Over the last few years, government contractors have seen the rise of a new trend: 10-year service contracts with a …

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How to Survive a DOL Investigation

Imagine this: You arrive at the office one morning, check your mailbox, and find a letter from a DOL investigator …

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Timing of Wage Determinations and Price Adjustments

Contractors are required to comply with the Service Contract Act of 1965 to avoid the likelihood of being subject to …

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Timing is Everything: Incorporating Wage Determinations into Your Contract

How do I know which Wage Determination should be incorporated and made part of my contract? A phrase that usually …

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Overtime Pay: How to Calculate & Apply Your Employee’s “Regular Rate”

Any HR professional is familiar with the “time and a half after 40” overtime rule, which refers to the Fair …

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